Special education

“There’s no way to sugar coat this, we are failing,” Mark Treyger, chair of the council’s education committee, said.
The lawsuit raises serious questions about the DOE’s commitment to serving a significant demographic in the New York City public school system, that of non-native English-speaking parents.
State authorities have determined that Success Academy, the controversial charter network with 47 schools across the city, is violating the civil rights of kids with disabilities.
Another mother said she took a year off to teach her dyslexic son to read because his public school couldn't.
Including tenants, victims of domestic violence, targets of predatory lending, people facing discrimination, and disabled children.
"The principal told me right to my face, 'If he comes back next year he will be left back again.'"
The head of the Hackensack charter school said he learned about the accusations in the Sunday paper.
This time it's a special-ed teacher accused of sleeping with his female student.
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