Special delivery

Special delivery!
The dispatcher told the father, "Listen the baby's going to be slippery, you got to catch it. Don't let it fall, you got to catch the baby."
A baby born on the Cross Bronx Expressway was the first of twins.
"You could tell he was a new father," says PA senior tunnel and bridge officer George McCann. "He was running around screaming, ‘Help me! Help me!’ "
One twin will get to say, "I was born in a taxi."
A woman gave birth on the PATH train this morning. Luckily, the baby made it to Manhattan before being born.
Things you don't expect to do on your average Tuesday morning? Deliver a healthy baby girl out of the back of a Nissan.
A Brooklyn woman got the livery cab ride of her life
The NY Post reports that a baby decided to make things
Left photograph from jorgej via Twitter; right photograph of MTA conductor
While Elizabeth Brew managed to hold out until her husband parked
During three police officers' "routine Counter-Terrorism patrol" at Penn Station yesterday
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