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A parting gift of sorts.
It turned out that being inextricably tied to a hubristic billionaire plutocrat was not an asset.
City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, though, was present and she said, "We had a little conference. He told me to give the mayor a big apology. He was having a bad day."
Also, did you know that Mayor Bloomberg has no use for women in flat shoes and badly colored hair?
City Council Speaker/Prospective NYC Mayor Christine Quinn unveiled a whole bunch of new education policy proposals today, including one to replace school textbooks with electronic tablets.
We've been warned that Sandy won't be the last "freak" storm to rock New York, and officials have begun to mull over a few ways to protect us from more Day After Tomorrow-esque destruction.
Quinn laid out a five-point plan intended to reform state legislature and close gaping legal loopholes pertaining to sex offenders, as well as to provide better funding for city programs aiding victims of assault.
It's unclear why so much of her schedule was redacted.
Employees of the developer, Related, have donated $34,000 to Speaker Quinn.
While most people are focused on the big election this November New York City pols are focused on next November, when Gracie Mansion, long left vacant by Mike Bloomberg, is once again up for grabs.
"For one time only, all five City Clerk’s Offices will be open from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM on a Sunday, July 24th."
Photograph of Mayor Bloomberg and City Council Speaker Quinn shaking on
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