It costs $100-$120 per person, per hour, to visit, but you do get to tell your friends you got drunk somewhere cool.
It's one of the few establishments that still allows smoking indoors.
Downstairs, burgers, tots and shakes; upstairs, velvet couches and fancy drinks.
Dinnertable, a "reverse speakeasy," opens Wednesday with contemporary comfort foods including potato dumplings and lasagna for two.
Inside, there's a piano table, a menu of crepes and a cozy couch made to look like a London-style phone booth.
Plus decadent dishes like Cracklin Duck Pierogi, a Duck Cuban and Chicken Liver Pate.
The elegant restaurant is modeled in the style of a turn-of-the-century speakeasy, a nod to the address's storied past as such, in addition to stints as a dance hall, brothel and textile factory.
For six weeks this spring, a group of urban explorers transformed a rooftop water tower into a fully functional bar.
Neighbors of restaurant and bar Hudson Clearwater say confused diners are knocking on their apartment building doors, mistaking them for the restaurant's entrance.
This boat is reeeeaaaaaal. In a city where privacy is all but
Photo of the terrace from previous event by Julie Skarratt For
In September, the bar Apothéke opened in an unmarked space on Doyers
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