In a last-minute scramble to prevent its demolition, local astronomers managed to hold on to the observatory, which can fit three people inside.
The final frontier is just within reach — if city park officials can agree to the plan in time.
The eclipse will begin at 9:32 p.m. in our area with the Earth’s shadow slowly inching across the surface of May’s flower moon. But viewers may not notice until it becomes a partial eclipse about an hour later.
The 27-year-old designed a “SuperCam” to look for signs of life in ancient lake bed. The rover is slated to land Thursday.
NASA says it's a once-in-a-lifetime event, and you may be able to see it in NYC.
The curator of the show says he hopes it helps museum visitors understand how scientists know what they know about climate change.
There's a blood moon coming next month.
The images were taken from the International Space Station.
Scientists discovered seven new Earthlike planets, just in time!
At the very least, it will give you inner peace.
Note that axing NASA's Earth science programs would be "a major setback if not devastating."
The probe launched in 2006, and reached Pluto this morning.
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