Spa castle

Spa Castle was ordered to reimburse the state millions of dollars Thursday after pleading guilty to felony tax fraud.
They allegedly failed to pay over $1.5 million in taxes.
The security guard was taken to an area hospital and treated for bruising and pain.
The spa had been closed for weeks after a six-year-old nearly drowned in February.
MC Misfit Dior is suing spa castle for alleged first and second degree burns.
"When you see somebody on someone's lap bouncing up and down and the jets aren't turned on, you know what's happening."
Inspectors identified pool vents with "excessive" suction.
It's not clear whether she was in the kiddie pool, which has lifeguards.
"It's a very revolutionary act to say, 'I'm going to go take care of my body today,' and recover from trauma or hard work. I should be able to say that without 20,000 steps in between."
The spa, closed for five months, is set to reopen next week.
Why is it so hard to build a simple castle for spas in Manhattan in 2015?
An elderly man discovered face down in a hot tub at Spa Castle in Queens died on Sunday evening, though his exact cause of death remains unclear.
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