Southern district of new york

Margaret Garnett's departure comes just days after her department released a report into Mayor Bill de Blasio’s alleged misuse of public resources in both his failed presidential campaign and for his family’s personal life.
Among the best known defendants are Glen "Big Baby" Davis and Tony Allen, both of whom played on the Celtics 2008 NBA Championship team.
The journalist, who is from Iran, said she would continue with her writing that is critical of the Iranian government.
Angel Pereda allegedly forged ownership papers to prove the authenticity of several pieces of art by Haring and Basquiat which he hoped to sell for millions of dollars, law enforcement said.
Strauss had been the interim U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, taking over after resigned after pressure from U.S. Attorney William Barr.
"She wanted to know what the flight patterns were over the house, which was very strange," a broker told the Daily Beast.
Federal prosecutors unsealed the indictment Tuesday.
A jury found Michael Avenatti guilty for an extortion scheme against Nike.
President Trump allegedly tried to talk to Bharara on the phone the day before he was fired, violating longstanding norms.
Bloomberg once called her "some woman" who knows "absolutely zero" about policing.
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