South slope

The unlicensed driver fled the scene on foot.
"It's a really wonderful place to be."
Police are searching for a pair of burglars accused of robbing three popular Brooklyn restaurants over the past few months, having apparently found such success at one that they hit it twice.
This happened on 16th Street.
It all began in a Subway restaurant at 7:30 p.m.
Police are seeking help finding a man accused of sexually assaulting a woman in South Slope last month.
We're told they're aiming to reopen on October 1st in the coworking space.
We can't have anything fun anymore.
She is has presumably laid tiny killer tarantula eggs along the Prospect Expressway (unconfirmed).
A dangerous swing in a South Slope playground has left several children with broken legs and litigious parents looking for justice.
The executive director of a Brooklyn preschool was busted for using $220,000 in school funds to finance her "online personal counseling services" and a string of luxury Audi-8 sedans.
It's time to evaluate all those backyard drinking spots that have been hidden behind our favorite bars all winter.
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