South bronx

The pop-up programs, which include no touch play areas for kids, plant giveaways, and musical entertainment, are coming to Astoria, Kingsbridge, South Bronx and Mott Haven.
Asked why he would trust the word of the NYPD — a frequent source of misinformation about protesters — over the findings over Human Rights Watch, the mayor seemed to suggest that the report was lacking the perspective of law enforcement.
The international humanitarian group recommends the discipline and possible termination of NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea and Chief of Department Terence Monahan.
According to Steven Alvarez, a Mexican American and English professor-turned-food writer, New Yorkers are really missing out.
'We were barely getting any heat and I think it’s because we were being punished because the landlord just wanted us out. There was garbage everywhere… That’s around the time that rats and mice started to infest the building.'
'For anybody to propose that this is going to be a beneficial thing for a community that has, once again, been oppressed and marginalized has no clue about what's been happening historically in the South Bronx.'
A team of Bronx natives offer a love letter to their borough, and a menu that ranges from Fried Chicken to Calabaza Soup to Jambalaya.
The slogan seems ill-advised, at best.
He is also calling for new ramps connecting the road to the Hunts Point Market, to reduce truck congestion.
The march of gentrification pushes north, and many long-time residents are worried.
"People say Bernie Sanders is only supported by white people," one Bronx Assemblyman observed. "What I see here is a beautiful mosaic."
She had to pay a $300 fine.
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