South asian

Shahana Hanif became the first Muslim woman in the council.
The Tamil phrase for "mother's younger sisters" inspired Desi and South Asian women to band together for the vice-presidential candidate.
South Asian children and pregnant women are especially at risk for elevated blood lead levels.
NYC's taxi drivers know everything about the city, including where to get some seriously good grub.
Hea: Pronounced HEE, this South Asian and Japanese restaurant is named for
Biryani is classified as any number of spiced South Asian rice
Elettaria: Hendrix shredded here once upon a time, when it was a
After a parents of a rejected student filed a class action lawsuit,
An animal near and dear to the Gothamist heart has been
A Columbia grad student, Arun Wiita, and the New York Civil Liberties
Showing how divided its philosophies are, Supreme Court justices ruled, 5-4, to
We arrived at the Japan Day festivities in Central Park last Sunday
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