South africa

Researchers behind the Sisonke study said the single-shot provided 71% protection against hospitalization with the delta variant.
A Long Island resident tested positive with the state's first known case of the coronavirus variant from South Africa.
"Katie was a brilliant, kind, adventurous and high-spirited woman. Her energy and passion could not be contained by mere continents or oceans."
He may pursue an appeal after the sentencing.
It's a lot like beef jerky!
"Words cannot express how sorry I am, and how necessary it is for me to apologize to the people of South Africa, who I have offended due to a needless and careless tweet," she wrote.
But the Paralympic champion said, "I was scared and didn't switch on the light. I got my gun and moved towards the bathroom. I screamed at the intruder."
The day of her death, Reeva Steenkamp went to a store to buy wrapping paper for Pistorius's gift.
Neighbors say they heard screaming; police say there have been previous calls about domestic incidents.
It's not quite daggering, thank God!
According to MSNBC, a group of anti-poaching conservationists in South Africa accidentally killed the rhinoceros they were using to demonstrate how to protects rhinos from poachers.
Jeb Corliss's attempt to jump of the Empire State Building in 2006 was thwarted, but he's been base jumping elsewhere since... and yesterday a stunt landed him two broken legs.
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