The lunar rocks and dust were collected on the Apollo 11 mission, then lost for decades.
The painting was originally purchased for $19,000 in 1984.
MOFAD On Friday night, a timely edition of MOFAD @ Night
Nostalgia is a hell of a drug.
But WHICH ONE? It's definitely not the original.
"Every detail in the catalog, every song choice, he brought a lot of joie de vivre."
Sotheby's is selling some great NYC stuff on eBay, including an old 1960s Mets ballpen cart.
A tiny piece of paper that a 19th-century human originally bought for one cent was purchased yesterday by a 21st-century human for $9.5 million.
Once you've bought your sprawling Mediterranean Revival mansion, you're going to need some decorations!
A bowl with humble beginnings is worth $2.22 million. Here's the EXCLUSIVE hidden story of the bowl's journey from underestimated tchotchke to international auction rock star.
A Sotheby's auction of Brooke Astor's belongings closed last night and managed to bring in $18.8 million, nearly double the $9.7 million that the auction house expected.
The buyer is unknown, but what is known is that Sotheby's was thrilled to have such a big night.
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