Sonya thomas

In the words of one of the eager ESPN commentators, it was "the greatest achievement in the history of man."
America's hero Joey Chestnut SEVENpeated as Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Champion today in Coney Island.
Can Joey Chestnut sevenpeat?
The Black Widow ruled, also.
The former Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest repeat champion supposedly set a new world record in turkey consumption within 10 minutes.
Pint-sized champion competitive eater Sonya "The Black Widow" Thomas DESTROYED the competition at a turkey-eating contest in Times Square.
The first ever champ of the women's Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest is Sonya "The Black Widow" Thomas.
With the Nathan's July 4th Hot Dog Eating Contest being split
Kobayashi and a light snack. The epic battle of wills between
Photograph of Thomas at a wings event by clearrants on Flickr
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