Or at least a new one. Here's a look back at the 1970s disco hit 'Native New Yorker.'
It's called "Donald Trump (Black Version)" and it's very catchy!
"If you miss the A train, you'll find you missed the quickest way to Harlem."
The short song was part of a movie soundtrack.
Someone has penned a tune for Pat and Roger.
With lyrics like: "My spread game proper, dead aim onto my bagel"... how can you not click play?
In December of 1904, this song about the underground subway line was released, declaring: "If married and home is unhappy, you can now hide away from your wife, down in the subway."
Gibbard sings: "Any given moment he could completely blow your mind / So don't you take your eye / Off Ichiro."
Blue Ivy's dad, Jay-Z, has already recorded a song for her... because he probably built a recording studio inside of the hospital.
Patti Smith recorded a song for the late Winehouse at Electric Lady Studios in New York.
Adorable famous people sing adorable duet and put it on YouTube.
Questlove is being censored now that he chose a controversial song for Michele Bachmann's appearance on Fallon.
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