Solitary confinement

If passed, complete isolation could only be used for a few hours if people posed an immediate danger
Imprisoned for murder and then released from a life sentence after forming a master plan of self-improvement, Chris Wilson dreamed of a New York City exhibition, and then made it happen
Women will have more power to determine how the council operates and what issues get the most attention for the first time in its history.
"The HALT Solitary Confinement Act will put an end to the use of long-term solitary confinement in our state, a practice that has perpetuated violence and caused irreparable harm."
“There are people in New York who’ve been in solitary for fifteen, twenty, even thirty years."
A new report estimates that passing the bulk of this legislation, along with closing more upstate prisons, would save the state $1.52 billion annually.
A hearing is set for Friday.
Attorneys called the practice 'a clear end run around crucial protections designed to limit New Yorkers' contact with solitary confinement.'
'Enough is enough, governor. Why can't he govern us out of a system of darkness and into the light of day, where people are treated humanely while they are under his care?'
Eighteen advocates are going on a hunger strike to force the issue.
Rolando Perez died in solitary confinement after being denied medication.
None of the abuse that happens in New York's prisons is supposed to be part of anyone's sentence. We are all more responsible for these violations of human rights when they take place in public institutions that are purportedly maintained on our behalf.
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