The "Walk of Faith" on Saturday was initiated by Black Christian leaders to show solidarity to Asian communities amid ongoing anti-Asian violence.
"The police have a duty to defend the rights of protesters, not to use such a large-scale display of force that effectively silences people with differing viewpoints."
Unlike a union, an association of independent contractors does not have the right to collectively bargain.
People who can't go can still donate.
Life was but a hopeless series of occurrences 'til I got my Crew on.
In solidarity with their siblings in New York, protesters briefly occupied a Brookfield Properties building in the District last night.
At least ten protesters were arrested last night as nearly 1,000 people gathered in Zuccotti Park for a march on City Hall in solidarity with protesters injured at Occupy Oakland on Tuesday.
Occupy Brooklyn is showing solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement by staging a rally at Grand Army Plaza.
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