Warning: it may get a tad bit dusty wherever you are, unless you're a robot, in which case you should probably have your oil changed.
An Army soldier based at Fort Drum has been arrested after he allegedly Skyped with his wife while she had oral sex with an underage girl in their New York home.
His former platoon leader said, "Bales is still, hands down, one of the best soldiers I ever worked with. I just don’t want him seen as some psychopath, because he is not."
Have the Kleenex ready!
Chen was allegedly pelted with stones while crawling on the floor and called "Jackie Chan" by other soldiers.
What will become of sculptor Douwe Blumberg's “De Oppresso Liber," after its debut at the Veterans Day parade?
The mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of a young soldier point to racially-charged bullying.
An Army soldier was arrested at MacArthur airport on Long Island Saturday
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