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Ravenswood Generating Station is a central piece of the city's energy supply — primarily by burning natural gas and fuel oil. Gothamist toured the facility to learn about its new plan to go green.

These largely grassroots programs, which are now powering more than 200,000 homes statewide, allow energy customers to choose solar without paying for the upfront costs and construction.

The MTA expects to generate a 'significant amount of revenue' from the initiative.

Solar Impulse 2 is completely powered by solar energy.

66% of the city's rooftops could harness solar energy, but most development so far has been centered on Staten Island.

The largest solar energy installation in New York City will be installed at Freshkills Parks on Staten Island.

According to CUNY, 66 percent of the city's rooftops could be used to harness solar power, generating enough energy to fulfill half of the city's electricity needs at peak periods.

From powering 30% of the state's electricity by 2021 down to 22.5 percent, saying "we wanted to put forward a document that was responsible and achievable."

Over the weekend, the low-flying, scary sounding "Shrike Commander" plane was