Soho house

It's called Cecconi's Dumbo and it's an offshoot of a London-born Italian restaurant of the same name that's been operating since 1978.
It will be called Dumbo House, and should be opening later this year.
The great part about The Ludlow House is that it's not just one room full of Crate & Barrel furniture, but many.
Jo Hamilton enjoyed years of free access to SoHo House, which had nothing to do with her role on the community board.
Despite opposition from the community, the new Ludlow House members-only club can serve booze when it opens.
The SLA decides today whether or not to approve the impending social club's liquor license.
The murder occurred in December 2010.
Looks like the SoHo is coming to Ludlow Street.
A source said that because of the necessary renovation the space wouldn't open until next year.
Nick Brooks (NY1) Nicholas Brooks, who is accused of killing his
Vern Schillinger and his Oz crew (HBO) on the left, Nick
Nick Brooks has been indicted for second-degree murder of his girlfriend,
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