Soft serve

Breakfast pastries, sandwiches, and soft serve are available this week, and next week they add dinner, starring boxes Taiwanese Fried Chicken.
The watermelon soft serve is served in a watermelon. Whoa.
It's a dairy-free concoction that's a bridge between traditional soft serve and froyo.
It's served in a slice of watermelon with chocolate seeds.
And $1 cereal milk white hot chocolate, if it's too cold out there for you.
Andrew Carmellini's burger stand is housed in an airstream trailer amid the grassy mounds and outdoor tables of "Vale Park."
Only a matter of time.
It's Gothamist Getaways Spring Travel Week. We'll have a week of posts
Who's up for soft serve?
Only official Mister Softee trucks can now roam the streets.
It's a wackadoodle pumpkin-egg nog-graham cracker scoop-shake hybrid.
Tosi and team are releasing special soft serve flavors at each location.
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