An injunction filed by the National Restaurant Association has been lifted by a state appeals court.
Dishes exceeding 2,300 milligrams of sodium will bear a warning icon depicting a salt shaker.
The measure would apply to about 3,000 chain restaurants in NYC.
Hizzoner has proposed a new menu icon for high sodium content at chain restaurants—but he's bypassed the city council in the process.
Salt has joined eggs, wheat, and pretty much everything else we put into our sacred, bulbous temples as a substance that Science says is either pure poison or life-giving manna.
Salt, a tasty killer? The CDC has a new report that warns Americans that 90% of us are eating too much sodium—and the top source of that sodium, as they say, might surprise you.
Eat more fruits and vegetables, people.
C'mon, get healthy!
Via Heinz and Starbucks are among the 16 companies who have
Mayor Bloomberg loves ladling out diet tips, but he's not about
Parents are planning a city hall “bake-in” in protest of new
In response to the Health Department's new salt reduction initiative, the
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