People do this apparently. Don't do it. Doctors agree it is a terrible idea.
Bottled water is the number one selling beverage in the United States.
A new report in the Times claims the soda industry seems to be starting to crumble at last.
One Brooklyn lawmaker has introduced a bill that would require soft drink manufacturers to label their wares with their unhealthy side effects, which include diabetes, obesity and tooth decay.
More like Pepsi Ew, amirite?
Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and Dr Pepper have vowed to help consumers cut the number of calories they consume through beverages by one-fifth over the next decade.
Can't blame the Millennials this time!
Good luck with that!
A low-calorie drink without mysterious lab residue? Sounds like Coca-Cola really cares about its consumers! Not.
But Diet Coke is totally hydrating, right?
The Nets coach dropped his soda on the Barclays Center Court in order to buy more time to strategize a play.
And Catherine Cyrus also claims that cops tried to cover up the details of the faulty arrest by lying and saying she had tried to hit them.
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