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He's one of more than 100 who have pleaded guilty to lying about disabilities to get federal disability benefits.

Prosecutors have previously suggested as many as 1,000 people could be involved in the fraud.

Roughly 1,000 retired members of the NYPD and FDNY stole as much as $400 million from the federal government by claiming false psychiatric disabilities and collecting payments from the Social Security Administration.

The term "Chained C.P.I." was designed to be too terrible for regular people to actually think about for more than five minutes before wanting to bash their heads in with a hammer.

When asked what her current status with the SSA is, Arrighetti says, "I will cross my fingers and pray to God that I'm alive."

Texas Governor Rick Perry, who is leading polls, was attacked from all sides during last night's CNN/Tea Party debate.

Monica Exum allegedly cashed longtime boyfriend Johnny Davis's Social Security checks and bank funds for three months after he died.

Hey, old people, you're participating in a criminal scheme, according to Texas Governor and White House hopeful Rick Perry, who also is cool with the possibility he's been executing innocents.

As if getting to do MMA fighting despite getting pension for

She's Alive!!!! A woman embroiled in a struggle for her life