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COVID safety is all about layering on different types of protection. Here's how New Yorkers can approach the various options.

Educators say smaller class sizes may be upshot of reduced roster.

Some principals are still scrambling to find space that allows for social distancing, and get guidance from officials about how to do it.

New York City has continued to require masks for all students and school personnel regardless of vaccination status.

Governor Phil Murphy relaxed restrictions a week after he said he would keep indoor masking rules in place and after neighboring states also dropped indoor masking rules.

Three feet? Six feet? The city hasn't issued guidance, which is impacting principals' ability to plan.

The new CDC guidelines indicate that, in most cases, it’s OK for kids to stay three feet apart instead of six, as long as everyone is wearing a mask.

Eye protection and double masking is a good idea. Standing room only is still too close for comfort.

It’s a good idea in some situations, such as indoors. But a cloth mask with a filter works just as well.

What do these new variants of COVID-19 mean for protecting ourselves? We asked two epidemiologists.