"We're not going to be out of this for a number of days."
Up to one foot of snow could fall in the New York City area
“So it often-times feels like we are having to jump in and provide support whenever a crisis comes up.”
Climate scientists explain why there can be more severe winter storms in the Northeast even as the globe warms.
The MTA resumed above-ground subway service this morning after crews worked through the night clearing snow from subway tracks.
Alternate side parking is suspended for continued snow removal and 600 workers are working to clear pedestrian areas and bike lanes.
This snowstorm was as majestic as a snow rat.
The snow was not enough to deter some New Yorkers from braving the storm last night and dining outside.
As predicted, atmospheric water vapor that has frozen into ice crystals have started falling in the form of light white flakes and sticking to the sidewalks, buildings and streets of New York City.
We have three important tips for ordering takeout during this week's storm.
The National Weather Service "have issued a winter storm watch; this is a serious storm," the mayor said.
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