Snow storm

Although today feels like beach-volleyball-in-Brooklyn-Bridge-Park sort of weather, you'll want to soak up the sand and sun while it lasts.
Bulletin: Thursday brings a prelude to Saturday's snowstorm and Monday's frozen hellscape.
Saturday brings snow, then rain, while Sunday offers temperatures that "drop like a rock," laying the groundwork for a frozen hellscape.
The day before, the Sanitation Department had boasted about being prepared for the storm.
Blizzard Watch: expect up to 12" of snow, white out conditions & gale force winds.
The most precious snow indie you'll see all year!
You never saw Mayor Bloomberg shoveling his sidewalk, did you?
Thanks, Hercules!
dagomatic's flickr If we were to have had a best photo
Another Snow Day in New York City by Boss Tweed on
WCBS 880 The snow has passed and the roads are pretty
Snow in the last storm (via jharriscohen's flickr). Bloomberg is not
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