Snow plow

Another snow storm, another bulldozing snow plow on the loose.
"The video I don't see, but my friends say, 'I saw your video, very funny!'" 33-year-old Plaza said. "Very painful to me."
Just like Wallace Stevens said: the listener, nothing himself, beholds nothing that is not there and the nothing that is, and also watch out for the giant snow plow, dude.
"The people on the Upper East Side, quite frankly, they're complainers," said councilman David Greenfield on his radio show.
Finally, as the end-of-the-universe snowstorm hits us today, the city is rolling out their long-awaited PlowNYC website, which lets people track plows in real-time via GPS
Bloomberg told reporters the city will launch a website letting people track plows via GPS: “We have a whole plan. We will get to it quickly." Wait a minute...that's exactly what the Cylons said!
Mayor Bloomberg during yesterday's snow briefing (NYC Mayor's Office) After handing
Photograph by Pixel Form on Flickr Some snow is headed to
Today's Post cover Sure, Mayor Bloomberg got to ring in 2011
Mayor Bloomberg's snow plow vow of getting roads cleared by yesterday at
It was "fun" while it lasted, but leaving your car anywhere
Photograph of Eckford Street in Brooklyn, taken yesterday, by bitchcakesny on
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