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New York City relies on rock salt from South America to clear streets during the winter. Upstate mines want in on the action.

Rain will hit the city Tuesday afternoon, through Wednesday morning.

Temperatures in the metro region are expected to drop, bringing freezing rain and ice

A fleet of mini-plows will get their first test this weekend, with as much as a foot of snow expected.

Hundreds of flights were already canceled in the area as of Friday morning.

While the exact path of the storm remains uncertain, forecasters with the National Weather Service said the region would likely get more than six inches of snow — with the possibility of a foot.

The National Weather Service says it's too soon to tell what kind of precipitation to expect.

About five to six inches of powder fell on the city and surrounding towns, but schools are staying open.

Researchers are analyzing 100 years worth of snowfall data, finding significant declines linked to climate change.