"Mangrove snakes, though mildly venomous, are not known to be dangerous to people. They are shy, timid, [and] secretive in nature."
This snake goddess is offering snake massages.
With the trains in chaos, New York City's wildlife are staking their claim on the transit system.
A python crawled out of a man's toilet in Thailand and latched onto his penis AND IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU.
A boa constrictor thought it was entitled to a free ride on a city bus, and it was...totally right, because boa constrictor gets whatever boa constrictor wants. Them's the rules.
It used to be avant-garde to take your snake on a subway ride, but no longer.
"See what he's doing to my throat right now? I'm talking, and he gets nervous."
A Brooklyn man was arrested this morning after police collected an alligator, nine boa constrictors, ammunition and a small bag of marijuana from his apartment.
"Just thought, oh, that dude left his backpack there. Then I went to sit down and noticed he had some snakes."
If you gave reptiles the chance, they would turn the entire city into a bunch of snakelizardmonsters. Just watch the documentary 'The Amazing Spider-Man' if you don't believe us.
The last thing we want to see when we start re-heating chinese leftovers is a snake in our kitchen.
Workers at a Brooklyn auto-body shop noticed a mysteriously moving bag in a dumpster on Baltic Street near Third Avenue yesterday. What they found next may shock you. Unless you read the headline.
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