The Smorgasburgs are back in town.
An all-star lineup of 25 vendors set up on Breeze Hill for the first time since 2019.
The new pandemic-era iteration is called Smorg To Go, and the public is not allowed onto the lot.
Now open every Friday through October, the popular food market brings 25 vendors to the World Trade Center Oculus plaza
Thousands feasted in Williamsburg and Prospect Park, as one hundred different food vendors helped start the season of right.
The popular food market returns to Williamsburg on Saturday, April 6th, and to Prospect Park on Sunday, April 7th.
There's lots of straight-up shopping too, from 25 Brooklyn Flea vendors selling vintage furniture, clothing, jewelry and gift items.
Deep-fried cookie dough balls, lobster platters and more.
The new Square space, designed by A+I, looks very downtown Manhattan chichi compared to the more DIY atmosphere at the Williamsburg waterfront.
It's a dairy-free concoction that's a bridge between traditional soft serve and froyo.
What about the spaghetti donuts though?
Spaghetti Donuts, Ube Raindrop Cakes, Rubyzaar's Hot Liquid S'Mores... 100 different vendors from which to choose, now through the fall, every Saturday and Sunday, in Williamsburg and Prospect Park.
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