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Discarded cigarette butts are full of microplastics and toxic chemicals, and scientists say they’re a threat to human health and the environment.

Governor Phil Murphy widened the eligibility pool to more than 4 million people, including people 65 years or older and those with underlying medical conditions.

The latest front in the war on smoking: the butt.

The City Council is coming for your mint Juul pods (in July)

The NYPD is currently investigating a video in which one bold man repurposes the back of a squad car as a convenient surface to divide up some weed.

'I think this will be one of the hardest rules to follow.'

The mayor also signed a bill to ban the sale of tobacco products at pharmacies.

The Mayor's Office accused the bill of "unfairly targeting low income New Yorkers."

It's one of the few establishments that still allows smoking indoors.