Imagine if cooking oil, coffee, pizza, or eggs suddenly smelled like sewage. That’s life with parosmia.
After the NY Times declared 'not everyone is a fan' of the scent now permeating 1WTC, I dropped by for a sniff.
One L train conductor said this morning that it was his first time working on the L line, where he had been assigned because so many other workers had called in sick.
Did you know about garbage wind? We don't feel breezes as much as we smell them in the summer.
If you need a hit of vanilla scent while down in the subway system, this scratch n' sniff poster is for you.
Some Brooklyn residents are up in arms this week about a neighbor who leaves fish out to dry on a clothesline.
How does the mom even know she fingered the right Spider-Man? Apparently radioactive spiders have a very distinct scent.
Party like it's 2005!
As you can see in the map below, New Yorkers had a lot worse smells to contend with in 1910, like banana oil, gas, fecal odor and "strong fecal odor."
An Upper West Side man claims he was rudely kicked out of the NYPL three years ago because of his terrible body odor, and now he wants $5.5 million in olfactory compensation.
"Then it was smells, sometimes I smelled coffee, other people smelled bacon," an 86-year-old Union Square local said. "They installed this behemoth to combat it, but the noise from that has been much worse."
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