Smallest penis contest

Over 100 tiny penis lovers packed into King's County Bar yesterday for the third annual Smallest Penis In Brooklyn pageant, a celebration of, well, the title says it all.
For a few stifling hours, Kings County Bar transformed into one giant bachelorette party. Assuming that party was held on the 4 train during rush hour.
With anticipation building imperceptibly for this year's Smallest Penis in Brooklyn contest, promoters have teased one of the fabulous prizes that will be bestowed upon the winner.
The winner, Nick Gilronan, actually resides in Queens, but that didn't stop him from walking away with the title and $200 cash. In this exclusive interview, he opens up about his junk.
We attended the Smallest Penis In Brooklyn Contest Saturday. What was seen cannot be unseen.
12 contestants are currently in the running for Brooklyn's Smallest Penis, but only one will be... the smallest. Tomorrow, find out who has the tiniest penis in the borough.
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