Small plane

The pilot of a small plane made an emergency landing on a Long Island highway Wednesday afternoon.
They were both first-year students at Colgate University.
The small plane was headed to New Jersey from the Hamptons.
Here's a Sunday Jersey Shore surprise.
Same pilot, same plane, same highway.
The NTSB says that the plane carrying three adults, two children and a dog was icing up before the crash.
The NTSB is looking for the plane's GPS device.
Three adults and two children were killed in the crash.
Lauren Scrugg's mother said today, Her pain subsided for a little while, but then returned, excruciating."
The FBI and Department of Homeland Security issued an intelligence bulletin warning that terrorists may use small plans for attacks.
Photograph by @NYC911 The 24-year-old pilot who made an emergency landing
NYPD photo of the plane on Rockaway Beach The Monday night
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