Small business

A Brooklyn bar that specializes in craft beer and plays vinyl records got just $1,435 in federal restaurant aid.
Those outdoor sheds and sidewalk cafés are either popular or a nuisance, depending on whom you ask. But some neighborhoods can’t make them work at all.
Lurita “LB” Brown’s store in Clinton Hill kept going at a time when so many other businesses couldn’t pay rent and needed government aid.
Ideas range from rent forgiveness to an app streamlining the business permitting process.
The $800 million will go to small businesses that are still limping along in the pandemic, despite federal stimulus grants.
NYC's oldest bar keeps on after a tumultuous year.
“With stay-at-home, there’s no need for work clothes."
"I'm not into people deciding that they get to make the rules and they can do something everyone else can't do."
The City Council passed a slate of COVID-19 relief bills for small businesses.
For many of them, especially the smaller ones, alcohol sales are what pays the rent.  Or the insurance.  Those are two big costs that don’t go away when a venue is closed.
Some entrepreneurs say they've run into malfunctions with the enrollment website, and not given any actual details of the programs from the city's Small Business Services agency.
"This database will identify vacancy trends throughout the city, spot areas where vacancies are rapidly increasing, and identify specific property owners and managers who demonstrate a pattern of forcing out small business."
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