Public Advocate Tish James released the list on Wednesday, alongside a letter to Mayor Bill de Blasio blasting his 'inadequate management' of NYCHA.
'We were barely getting any heat and I think it’s because we were being punished because the landlord just wanted us out. There was garbage everywhere… That’s around the time that rats and mice started to infest the building.'
A combination of lax state oversight and rent law loopholes mean landlords could have a field day.
And posting restaurant-style letter grades in apartment building lobbies.
Under the terms of the plea deal, they were sentenced to five years of probation and 500 hours of community service.
“It’s all rooted in a history of displacing us. We’re not viewed as human beings. It’s about money. Capital."
One of the landlords is currently a defendant in at least 25 active housing lawsuits, five of which go to court today.
"They've been really bad landlords for a really long time."
Find out with this handy map.
"Landlords have this benefit of making life miserable for the tenants... and maybe getting those tenants to take a buyout."
A pair of crooked Brooklyn landlords may finally getting their comeuppance.
A notorious slumlord accused of purposefully destroying several Brooklyn apartments in an attempt to legally evict his rent-stabilized tenants has finally spoken up in a trial.
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