The case substantiates one of the sharpest criticisms against Airbnb and other home-sharing platforms: that it incentivizes greedy landlords to harass and force out rent-stabilized tenants to make room for illegal hotel schemes.
Stringer's inquiry raises the question of how the city handled the negotiations with the Podolskys, whose buildings had a history of violations.
INSIDE: What the listing websites DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW.
Police think she was killed by a neighbor's ex-boyfriend.
The state is also suing him for alleged tenant harassment.
"He left me naked...He left me broken."
"Are people living in substandard conditions? Absolutely. Is the city aware of it? Absolutely."
How bad has the situation with one alleged slumlord gotten? People are writing Thought Catalog pieces about her.
The new owner has been called a slumlord by the Public Advocate and his attempt to buy another development was blocked by Cuomo and HUD.
Faye Dunaway claims she moved out of her rent-stabilized Upper East Side apartment, but her landlord's lawyer has messages from her saying she would move her things soon.
"I'll get around to the repairs eventually!" The new argument against
Yesterday, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio launched a new online slumlord
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