At last, the MTA may be making some progress on its impossibly slow trains.
The biggest slowdown was documented in the 120th Precinct, where Eric Garner was killed.
"I do believe things are much better. I believe the dialogue is moving forward."
The AP has some remarkable details about just how slow things got: cops gave out zero tickets to the 1 million+ revelers who spent New Year's Eve in Times Square.
Jon Stewart tackles the NYPD's new motto ("To Chill and Reflect") then hands the baton to Jason Jones, who celebrates the "new New York" by running amok around the city.
The MTA's largest union, TWU Local 100, will be operating without a new contract for a full year Wednesday–and it looks like it is ready to play ball again.
Reportedly when the new MTA/TWU contract is signed, subway operators and conductors will be able to take three (paid) days off if they witness someone being hit by a train.
Two weeks after the head of the Transit Workers Union Local 100 walked out, talks between the union and the MTA are set to resume on Thursday. Whew!
The Department of Investigation released their long-awaited report on the alleged sanitation "slowdown" during last winter's Blizzageddon. And they ultimately found that there was no conspiracy to purposefully slowdown as revenge for department budget cuts.
Cleaning up the Boxing Day blizzard (via pixbymaia's flickr). A month
Mayor Bloomberg has largely scoffed at accusations that the Sanitation Department
woodendesigner's flickr The next round of Blizzageddon blame hearings have inspired
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