Maybe a good time to stay indoors?
Tuesday brings snow showers and sleet at prime commuting times, what else is there?
The NYC Department of Sanitation is flexing its salt mountains, sending a clear message to Winter that we are ready to rumble.
Game of Thrones reference.
Please help yourself to a warm cup of chamomile tea and a complimentary box of tissues, you've earned it.
Behind the storm, Friday will start out warm and sunny with a high near 40, but there's a chance of romantic rain or snow showers on Friday evening.
This week will have a little bit of everything for all you weather freaks.
Did somebody light a match under the official thermometer in Central Park this morning?
You may have to squint a bit at your window, but once you get outside, stick out your tongue, and voila: we have our first snow flakes of the season!
Heavy rain is moving from east to west across Long Island toward the city. As the rain moves westward it is going to meet with cold air dropping down from Upstate, giving the city a mix of rain and snow this afternoon.
Some more seasonal weather is coming our way—or at least near our way.
Photograph by jElliothayes on Flickr Last night, hard naturally occurring objects
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