It's unclear whether this shake-and-wake plan will affect those of us who deftly attempt to sleep-while-standing.
21 percent of subway crime victims are sleeping straphangers.
Humankind should give up already.
Sleeping standing up is not for amateurs.
Let's just hope this doesn't become a trend, because c'mon.
How many Facebook likes can change the world?
Amateur Renaissance Man James Franco showed up just before closing time (with Michael Stipe!) to check out sleeping Swinton, as you can see in the grainy photo sent by a tipster below.
Tilda Swinton has currently taken up residency sleeping at MoMA. It's part of an unannounced, surprise performance piece called "The Maybe" that will be taking place on random days all year.
According to Mayor Bloomberg nobody sleeps on the streets of NYC anymore. Perhaps because they are all sleeping on the L train?
In related news, George W. Bush's spokesman confirmed that the former president slept like a child from 2000 to 2008.
The victim claims Aksal groped her breasts and genitals as she was sleeping on the plane. To add to the creepiness, the woman says she woke up to he leaning over her whispering, "Kiss me."
We all know sitting down is killing us—so we commend the man suffering from Subwaysomnia in the video below, who is able to fit in some zzz's while standing on the subway (without falling down).
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