Video appears to show many dead chickens destined for a company that renders them into biodiesel.
"It was like Dodge City,. You had five police cars on one side of the street, five on the other and the 750-pound cow looking both ways."
Congress has just lifted a five-year ban on funding horse meat inspections, which means that you just might be shopping for the remains of Mr. Ed soon.
A poultry slaughterhouse is pitting new Greepoint residents vs. the old businesses.
Residents of a charming Greenpoint block are up in arms over the presence of "dirty, smelly, loud" chicken slaughterhouse on their street
Hang your head in shame, America. The land of the Dunkin'
Oh baby! Last night this cute little lamb was born on
The NY Times has an article about the city's slaughterhouses, noting
Some follow-up about the story that riveted a city yesterday afternoon:
Photo taken by WhenisaDoorNotHalfaDoor? on flickr News of free, MSG-laden grilled
In a desperate bid for freedom and to avoid a date with
Video of "Meat and You: Partners in Freedom" from The Simpsons
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