The Democratic governor wants to legalize to-go drinks at restaurants and bars.
The Mayor supports bringing back the popular cocktails-to-go program, but it's not that easy to bring it back at this point. Here's what needs to happen.
The hospitality industry is calling on state lawmakers to allow faster, temporary liquor licenses to promote the city’s economic rebound.
They're promising "showtunes and camaraderie," but will only encourage masks, not mandate them.
New York’s live comedy ban didn’t stop EastVille from resuming indoor shows last month.
"A small number of business owners still don't think the rules apply to them."
This decision is not statewide, but could prove to be influential for other NY bars, restaurants and venues looking to bring back live entertainment.
"This is serious business, this is not a laughing matter."
"Coronavirus does not behave as a vampire, infecting others only when the moon is out."
The Legend KTV, located on 61st Street in Borough Park, was shuttered after investigators found more than 281 people inside drinking, dancing, and smoking.
There is only one space in the city that has quietly reopened with limited capacity live shows thanks to a loophole in the rules.
"Despite the fact that coronavirus is not transmitted via sound waves, the SLA just decimated [the venues’] already struggling businesses," the lawsuit states.
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