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This 93-story, 1,066-foot-tall residential building, which is located at 9 DeKalb Avenue in Downtown Brooklyn, has been under construction since 2018.

Please note, nobody died during construction, so you probably won't be buying a haunted skyscraper—either a pro or a con, depending on your interests.

Spend a day touring the city's most notable property tax deadbeats!

Gothamist spoke with Rutgers professor Jason Barr about how Manhattan became a vertical city, the role of geology in shaping the skyline, and affordable housing.

A new video rendering shows how the shadows of Midtown skyscraper will come to darken much of Central Park's southern edge.

A huge new tower on the UWS is NYC real estate with the usual amount of devilry involved.

Two young designers propose sinking Central Park 1,000 feet and building a cliffside skyscraper around its perimeter.

It's one thing to read about all the skyscrapers and luxury buildings going up in Midtown—it's another to see just what an impact these obelisks will have on the Manhattan skyline.