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An Army soldier based at Fort Drum has been arrested after he allegedly Skyped with his wife while she had oral sex with an underage girl in their New York home.

If you watch live sex shows on Skype while holding a teddy bear to your face, are you still watching live sex shows on Skype?

Thanks to Boingo, subway station internet service is coming to Verizon and Sprint customers. Eventually.

Did Bloomberg just have a flashback to when that bully Freddy Ferguson made him spend the night in the woods in 4th grade?

According to the Post, Anthony Weiner's pregnant wife Huma Abedin "feels hopelessly trapped in her marriage to the disgraced pol, whose online antics have completely disgusted her once-supportive family."

Skype, the Internet communications company, is being bought by Microsoft for

Remember how Jet cornerback Antonio Cromartie had a little trouble remembering