Sketch comedy

Pharoah and Thompson feel like they're holding the audience's hand, trying to convince us they can mimic the football stars; Key & Peele treat them like characters.
UCB's latest show takes on pork-obsessed Brooklyn chefs, bitchy restaurant publicists, and the food blogs who love them.
More than just a funny comedian, Elon James White (myspace) is becoming
Margaret Cho returns to the stage in a whole new way with
I Dig Doug, a new production in this year’s Fringe Festival, concerns
News Radio: Season Five: It really is wonderful that this trend of
Anya Garrett may describe herself as “a 23-year-old girl who doesn’t know
Looks like Aziz Ansari has transitioned from blogs to television, and
Hmm, if there was a smackdown between Aaron Sorkin and Tina Fey,
What’s so funny about rape fantasies, pedophilia, facials, hipsters, online dating, and
Playbill reported yesterday that South Pacific, the only Rodgers & Hammerstein musical
Every Sunday Gothamist publishes theater reviews by our contributor Mallory Jensen. The
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