The SUV was found a few miles away.
This happened on Friday night.
If you very suddenly lost your hair one day, what would you do?
A taxi driver says a racist passenger beat him with a skateboard because of his ethnicity.
A Brooklyn teen is in critical condition after he was struck by a driver while skateboarding yesterday.
In addition to subway skateboarding, director Colin Reed also spent over two years filming people doing rooftop skateboarding around Brooklyn: "This is not a regular past-time of skateboarders, no."
A Lower East Side store owner was brutally beaten by a group of skateboarders last week.
Can any of those other mayoral candidates do an ollie?
Tonight, friends and fellow longboarders will meet at Union Square to hold a candle light memorial for Kyle Larson, the NYU student who was killed there this week.
Defiant longboarders are out in full force today, despite cops setting up roadblocks and cutting off Broadway at various parts on the Upper West Side. Check out some photos and tweets. [UPDATE BELOW]
Over 1,800 people are registered to skate nearly 8 miles in NYC in the event—which doesn't have a permit.
"It threw him into the middle of the street. I saw the guy flying," one witness recalled.
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