Six flags

The allegedly whimsical theft was finally discovered after the accused packed in two years of thrill rides and splashdowns.
A teenage girl fell 25 feet from a gondola into a crowd of park-goers and employees on Saturday.
A power outage caused a major buzzkill for visitors to Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey, leaving some parkgoers stranded on rides for around 20 minutes before employees pried them out.
An Iraqi war vet was denied entry to a Six Flags theme park in New Jersey for wearing his "Keep Calm and Return Fire" tank top, which features a star-spangled M-16.
Passengers had to climb all the way down.
415 feet, 90 MPH, and with a friggin' roller coaster looping around it.
Reports are coming in left and right of a baboon on the loose in New Jersey.
Troopers from three police stations were called to Six Flags Great
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