Pictures were taken by the area's local Councilmember Robert Holden
The man fell down a sidewalk hole nearly 15 feet.
Welcome to Sinkwick!
'When I fell, I fell straight down. I fell on my tailbone — fell straight through.'
Two SUVs nearly slid into the abyss.
The FDNY discovered many basements filled with five to six feet of water.
Another day, another sinkhole.
A colossal sink hole in Sunset Park is responsible for delays to the N train this morning. Look at it! What used to be 64th Street and 5th Avenue is now an End of Days terror pit.
"It's getting bigger as we speak."
Bet you can't eat just one, Wordsworth Lane.
Nothing ruins an acupuncture high like staring into a deep abyss in the ground.
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