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Women outnumber men in NYC 1.07 to 1, making the dating scene in this town a horrid crocodile swamp of depraved treachery and self-loathing, at least from a single lady's point of view.

In LA, singles love them some pizza but here? Here they love frozen yogurt. has released a survey on single Americans and the results might lead some unfulfilled liberals to consider switching parties.

According to census data, there are more single men than women between the ages 20 and 34. Bad news ladies: that means you can't blame the fact you're single on a lack of single men.

Before the residents of Brooklyn's Williamsburg get drunk on Pickle Backs

So yeah, Valentine's Day is around the corner, but big whoop,

Good news for singles looking for singles in Manhattan this weekend:

The New York Times posted an article today for anyone who's

Are any New York-based Morrissey fans less miserable now? Last night

New York City as Neverland is hardly a new concept ever