He has been serenading his Upper West Side neighborhood from his apartment window on Broadway every night at 7 p.m. since he recovered from COVID-19.
Also: some Brooklyn residents are trying to coordinate a singalong tonight.
This is some good stuff right here.
As you can hear from some of the clips below, all taken from Maldonado's YouTube channel Mop4aMic, he has nothing to be nervous about, except getting used to strangers loving his voice.
"After drinking a giant can of beer on the 1 train, this guy busts out into Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen." Judging by the invisible orchestra he's leading, it sure is a fantastic version of it!
Anne Hathaway will sing songs from Cabaret!
We may be sticklers for subway etiquette, but we're not above recognizing passion when it is literally screaming in our face and won't stop.
Dolan mostly sings in Italian, German and French: “The hardest language for me to sing in, surprisingly, is English,” he said. “I have a typical Brooklyn accent.”
If you don't stop singing loudly on the plane, you'll just embarrass yourself.
Perennial second banana James Marsden did a surprisingly good Stevie Wonder impression outside a mysterious hot dog place somewhere in Manhattan early Friday morning.
Schacara McLaurin Earlier this month, five Brooklyn high school girls were
Victim Shacara McLaurin (left), and accused beater Aaliyah Smith Last year,
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